WEOWNS is airdropping 10 billion tokens to 1 billion addresses. For every remittance transaction, you are required to create an account with WeownomyPay to swap trade WEOWNS on UNISWAP and receive funds via WeownomyPay after SWAP trade on UNISWAP. To be eligible for Airdrops you have to choose the following SWAP trades:

  • 1 trade of WEOWNS on UNISWAP: Receive 50 WEOWNS
  • 5 trades of WEOWNS on UNISWAP: Receive 250 WEOWNS
  • 10 trades of WEOWNS on UNISWAP: Receive 500 WEOWNS
  • 25 trades of WEOWNS on UNISWAP: Receive 1250 WEOWNS
  • 100+ trades of WEOWNS on UNISWAP: Receive 5000 WEOWNS

Create Account with WEOWNOMYPAY

WeownomyPay is a payment gateway that you can use to create an account to make it easy for people to send and trade WEOWNS. If someone wants to trade on UNISWAP they can receive their funds via WeownomyPay too.

Buy and Sell WEOWNS

With WeownomyPay, you can buy and sell WEOWNS. You can also use it to pay for goods or services from other people who accept payments in WEOWNS.

Safe & Secure

We take careful measures to ensure that your WEOWNS is as safe as possible. Offline storage provides an important security measure against theft or loss.

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