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WEOWNS Smart Airdrop for Global Remittance Network and Social Media Users Coming on UNISWAP.

WEOWNS is a Revolutionary Global Remittance Solution.

Most developing countries in particular Africa rely on remittances to cover large portions of their national budget and to send funds to their loved ones. What Happens When the World’s Remittance Market Is Built on WEOWNS? The diaspora remittance network will now be paid for sending money by trading 1 WEOWN $92.946778 to receive 50 WEOWNS worth $2850 each to revolutionize the remittance market.

WEOWNS is the world’s first user owned crypto currency, which provides a way for people in countries where remittances are needed to send money back home without having to pay any fees whatsoever. WEOWNS SmartSwap Exchange will provide unlimited liquidity solution by reimbursing 100% of any fees incurred during the transaction at the same time as you receive additional WEOWNS for every transaction

you make. How does it work? When someone in another country sends money to a family member, friend or loved one in your country, instead of receiving just $92.946778, they will receive 50 WEOWNS tokens from UNISWAP which can then be exchanged for $2,850 and get 100% back in any transaction fees and receive funds via WeownomyPay!

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